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By Jess Lebow

ISBN-10: 0786938005

ISBN-13: 9780786938001

A new sequence targeting the preferred personality classification Fighters!

The first identify in a brand new Forgotten Realms sequence targeting the preferred Dungeons & Dragons® video game personality category of opponents. every one name will function characters with a special unique variety of struggling with.  

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Judging by the way he goggled, he hadn’t realized anything was amiss. He’d simply come to drag an errant squire back to his assigned duty. But he only needed an instant to recover from his surprise. Then he lowered his spear, ran forward, and rammed it into the belly of the mage who’d produced the dart of ice. That disrupted the one casting, but Sergor finished a split second later. He thrust out his hand and a bolt of yellow flame leaped from his fingertips. Igan tried to jump aside, but the fire brushed him anyway, searing him.

Resisting his swelling dread as best he could, Igan galloped to within several yards of it, and it turned its glittering gaze on him. Rain whinnied in terror as some magical force the wyrm had invoked heaved him and his rider twenty feet into the air. It slammed them down again a second later. Igan lay on his side. For a moment, he couldn’t remember why, where he was, or what was happening. Then he realized that when the dragon had dashed him and Rain to the ground, it must have knocked him unconscious for a time.

It was his impression that all the drakes had been busy with other targets at that particular moment. Something implored him to act. It might have been the whisper of a god or merely the urging of his own folly, but either way, he meant to heed it. He dropped the long, heavy lance—a good weapon for fending off a dragon but otherwise awkward for a combatant afoot—drew his broadsword, wheeled, and strode toward the illusory cart. The sergeant called after him, but Igan ignored him. The interior of the phantasm resembled an artist’s palette, but with all the dabs of luminous, multicolored paint twisting and crawling around one another.

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