The People of Plato: A Prosopography of Plato and Other by Debra Nails PDF

By Debra Nails

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The 1st learn due to the fact that 1823 dedicated completely to the identity of, and relationships between, the people who look within the Platonic dialogues, this prosopography contains the result of sleek epigraphical and papyrological study, and permits one to contemplate the members of Plato's works, and people of different Socratics, inside a nexus of significant political, social, and familial relationships. comprises maps, stemmata, diagrams, thesaurus, and bibliography.

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To bring the twelve lunar months into accord with the solar year, an archon could intercalate an extra month—usually a second Posideon—immediately following the first. This occurred irregularly, but produced leap years of 383–5 days when it was used. The months of the lunar calendar listed here (originally the names of festivals) 1. 2. 3. 4. Hekatombaion Metageitnion Boedromion Pyanopsion 5. 6. 7. 8. Maimakterion Posideon Gamelion Anthesterion 9. 10. 11. 12. Elaphebolion Mounychion Thargelion Skirophorion were also used for the calendar of the festival or archon year, but the two calendars were not synchronous.

The Alcmaeonids had male members named Alcmonides. g. g. Asia; and Dionysius I named his daughters Sophrosyne, Dicaeosyne, and Arete, the Greek names for modesty, justice, and virtue. None of these conventions was rigid, and fashion could affect naming too. e. the patronymic and demotic, for making identifications. Guide to Other Prosopographies: There are three watershed periods of prosopographical work that are of interest in connection with the Socratic circle. The first group (PP, PX and PA) predates the development of modern epigraphical and papyrological studies, but the numbers of PA mark the beginning of the modern era in prosopography.

227a, 268a, 269a * Pl. Smp. 176b, pat. Pl. Prt. 315c, pat. Xen. Mem. 2 Andoc. 18 Life. Acumenus was a physician and the father of a physician (Phdr. 268a), who advised refreshing walks on country roads rather than city streets (227a–b), and 1 2 Acu who reportedly advised someone who complained of not enjoying his food to stop eating (Xen. ). His very approximate date of birth is set a generation before his son’s rather more stable date of birth. Acumenus seems to be roughly of Socrates’ generation: Phaedrus, born ≤444, calls him “our mutual friend” (Phdr.

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